Desperation in first part of Philippines hit by Typhoon Haiyan

The aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in Guiuan, central Philippines Credit: ITV News

The small town of Guiuan was directly on the front line of Typhoon Haiyan's onslaught but it has been among the last to be reached by the relief effort.

Lying on the eastern edge of the Philippines, there was nothing to protect it from the record-strength winds as they swept in from the Pacific Ocean.

ITV News' International Correspondent John Irvine reports from Guiuan:

The US air force has been flying over to assess the extent of the damage, but so far the aid that is desperately needed has not materialised.

John Irvine says residents were welcoming when he arrived in the town, but speaking to them revealed the scars the storm has left, and the deep need for food and clean drinking water.

Typhoon Hiayan claimed at least 85 lives in Guiuan when it swept through on Friday, but the final number could be much higher if more aid supplies don't arrive soon.