Grace Jones, UK's oldest person, dies aged 113

Grace Jones who died shortly before her 114th birthday Credit: Simon Hughes MP

Grace Jones, the UK's oldest person, and the last living Briton to be born in the 1800s, has died.

She passed away at a nursing home in Bermondsey in South London.

Born on 7 December 1899, Grace was engaged during the First World War but her fiance was killed in the trenches.

She never married, and speaking earlier this year explained: j

During the Second World War her home was hit by a Doodlebug, but luckily she was away with family at the time.

She worked as a seamstress and for the Government until her retirement 50 years ago.

Grace Jones celebrates one of her many birthdays. She was well known and loved in her local community. Credit: Simon Hughes MP

Grace put her longevity down to: “Good English food. Never frozen.”

She had recently been treated in hospital after a fall.

She was visited at the nursing home where she was staying by her local priest and several close friends shortly before she died.

Grace Jones said 'good English food' like scallops and fresh halibut helped her live so long Credit: Simon Hughes MP

MP Simon Hughes paid tribute, saying Grace will be sorely missed by her friends and neighbours.