TV presenter's lion trophy provokes ferocious backlash

Melissa Bachman posing with an apparently dead lion Credit: Facebook/Melissa Bachman

This article contains images of dead animals that you may find upsetting

An American TV presenter has attracted furious criticism after posing with an apparently dead lion that she claimed to have shot in a South African game reserve.

Melissa Bachman - a presenter of TV shows about hunting - uploaded the photo to her Facebook account with the following caption:

An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion... What a hunt!

Tonight, her Twitter account appeared to have been removed following the social media storm, which even British comedian Ricky Gervais weighed into:

The image has also provoked anger in South Africa where an online petition calls for her to be denied entry to the country.

The petition, which had gained more than 4,000 signatures at time of writing, accuses her of "executing and murdering" the lion:

Online petition on

Bachman's personal website says her job involves "filming, editing and hunting for a living" and features dozens of photos and videos of her posing with dead animals.

Bachman posing with apparently dead aligators Credit: Facebook/Melissa Bachman

Bachman grew up hunting with her parents in central Minnesota before launching a media career with North American Hunter Television.

She now runs her presents her own hunting programme called Winchester Deadly Passion in which she hunts big game all over the world.