Smoke rings emerge from Europe's most active volcano

A smoke ring created by a newly created crater on Mount Etna. Credit: Tom Pfeiffer/Bancroft Media

Aside from the usual plumes of ash, smoke and lava erupting from the active Mount Etna in Sicily, volcanologists have witnessed something even rarer emerging from the volcano.

Following its most latest eruption on November 11, smoke rings - some as large as 100m in diameter - have been seen above the volcano.

It is believed the rings were created by a relatively new crater that had its duct transformed by the latest big eruption.

A smoke ring photographed above the active volcano. Credit: Tom Pfeiffer/Bancroft Media
Italy's Mount Etna, Europe's tallest and most active volcano, spews lava as it erupts. Credit: REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello
A photographer takes pictures of Italy's Mount Etna. Credit: REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello
Smoke rings are seen high above the Sicilian volcano. Credit: Tom Pfeiffer/Bancroft Media
A smoke ring is seen floating above the volcano in Sicily. Credit: Tom Pfeiffer/Bancroft Media