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Monty Python stars reunite for first live show in 30 years

Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese announce their plans for Monty Python. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The five surviving members of the Monty Python comedy team have confirmed plans for a new stage show in London next year.

The show, in the O2 Arena, will be the first time since the Hollywood Bowl in 1980 that the troupe have performed together. The actors, all now in their seventies, said they were excited to perform together again, safe in the knowledge their material was "pretty funny" and that the audience would be on hand, should they forget any of the scripts. Nina Nannar reports.

The troupe paid fond tribute to fellow Python Graham Chapman who died in 1989. Before the chaos of today's press conference ensued a picture with the words "one down, five to go" filled the stage.

The stage set before today's press conference. Credit: ITV News/ Nina Nannar

Tickets for next year's show will go on sale on Monday at 10am on

Arlene Phillips will choreograph the show, just as she did for The Meaning of Life, and we could expect a cameo from Professor Brian Cox.

The live show will have some omissions due to the age of the actors - John Cleese, will not be performing any of his silly walks, as he has had a hip and knee replacement, whilst Eric Idle said he could not do the Travel Agent because of the amount of walking involved.

Speaking after the press conference Michael Palin said he is most surprised by the size of the international fan base the show has garnered over the years.

Speaking to Nina Nannar, he said he said he was constantly asked to do his sketches in different languages and that he is not worried about forgetting any of the sketches, as the fans know them all better than him.

John Cleese said he was excited about the new show, and not in the slightest bit nervous. He said he expects the show to be "like a party" - a celebration of the classic sketches between the performers and fans.

Speaking to Nina Nannar, he dismissed reports the troupe were reuniting simply for the money and labelled the Daily Mail writers who made the claims "w*****s".

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