Flooding will remain a risk for the next 24 hours

A man pushes his bike through flood water in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk Credit: REUTERS/Darren Staples

Parts of the UK are experiencing significant flooding as the worst storm surge for 60 years sweeps down the North Sea.

The surge has been caused by a combination of already high spring tides, strong winds (gusting up to 142mph over the Scottish mountains) and a deep area of low pressure which moved in from northern Scotland and travelled down the North Sea before sweeping away east towards Norway.

As that low pressure system – essentially a mass of fast rising air – passed over the sea it, in effect, sucked up the level of the sea creating a temporary bulge in the sea level.

The strong winds then pushed that bulge southwards creating significantly higher water levels primarily down the eastern coastline which have, in places, breached flood defences and caused significant coastal erosion.

Those worst affected are towards North Wales and the South East. The Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent coasts continue to be most vulnerable as that mass of water funnels into the narrow entrance of the English Channel.

Tides will continue to be significantly higher for at least the next 24 hours so you are advised to keep updated on the very latest flood information.

  • Floodline Number: 0845 988 1188