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Homeless man launches app thanks to the kindness of one stranger

Software engineer Patrick McConlogue (left) is teaching Leo Grand how to build his own app. Photo: DaybreakITV

Leo Grand has been homeless since 2011 but was given a life-changing opportunity in August this year, by 23 year old computer engineer Patrick McConologue.

Patrick had been walking passed Leo sleeping rough for five months on his way to work every day. He always felt there was something different about him.

He says he knew "he wasn't out of the game yet!"

Patrick McConlogue said Leo just needed someone to believe in him. Credit: DaybreakITV

So, one day, he offered him either a $100 or a chance to learn how to code to make and design computer programs every day for an hour.

Leo chose option 2 and has been learning - very quickly - how to do it for 5 months.

He's now designed his own car-sharing App for New York, called Trees for Cars, which goes on sale for the very first time today.

Leo admitted to Daybreak he was sceptical of Patrick's offer at first, thinking it was a reality show prank.

However, Patrick had faith in Leo's determination to succeed as "he very clearly stands out".

Leo now believes he can go anywhere with these skills. He would like to work for Google or get into space exploration.