Miley Cyrus has had quite a year - launching a controversial stage of her pop career, breaking up with her fiancee and now, coming top of the list of favourite new Christmas cracker jokes.

The singer and her infamous "twerking" were the butt of amateur comedy writer Richard Woolford's festive joke.

After a poll revealed 72% of the nation thought cracker jokes were outdated, comedy channel Gold challenged comedians to pen their own seasonal gag.

A panel of Gold judges led by comedy expert Bruce Dessau went on to shortlist the best jokes which were then voted on by 2000 British adults.

The top ten funniest new festive jokes are revealed as:

The author of the winning joke, Richard Woolford, received £5,000 in prize money and a box of Gold Crackers, one of which will contain his own joke.

I’m totally amazed and can’t believe it! I now hope Twerking becomes a new Christmas tradition - are you listening Nan? This has been a phenomenal year and a great welcome back into comedy for me after being away so long recovering from cancer. All I want to do is write comedy professionally, and hopefully this is another step closer to my dream.

The top jokes feature in specially made boxes of crackers which are now available to buy online.