The ex-wife of Nelson Mandela has exclusively told ITV News he will be remembered for his legacy of peace and reconciliation.

Winnie Mandela, who was married to the former South African president for 38 years, told ITV News presenter Mark Austin: "At no point did he ever think of himself".

"His whole life belonged to the nation and to the world - and that is how we will remember him, that never at any stage thought of himself. He gave up everything for the nation".

Ms Mandela said she was "blessed to be there" when Madiba drew his last breath and described what happened in his final moments:

I went close to him and I noticed he was breathing very slowly ... I was trying to feel the temperature [of his skin] and he felt cold. Then he drew his last breath and just rested ... He was gone.

Although Ms Mandela said there was "still so much" her former husband had not done, she told Mark Austin she felt Nelson Mandela has "completed his journey".

"It was inevitable - it had to come sometime," she continued.

She said the moment the military came to take his body away was the "heaviest moment of all" as she realised he was "leaving the house for good":

"I must say, I must have a strong heart because that was very difficult to take". I couldn't contain myself," she said.

"The whole thing was so official. It struck me then, he was gone and that was the last journey for him."

Asked if was hard seeing Nelson Mandela's body lying in state, she said it was "very painful" as "in our African tradition we don’t display the departed".:

It’s very hard for the family to even share him even in his death after sharing with the whole world and our whole country while he was alive. He’s still not really just ours, the family, he still belongs to the whole world and we have to share. Here we are…the family still having to share him. It was yet another pain…one of those pains. Nothing I could do about it.

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