Facts about the world's biggest Mandela statue

Statue of Mandela to be unveiled on Monday by President Zuma at the Union Building in Pretoria Credit: RTV

A new tribute to Nelson Mandela - the biggest in the world - will be unveiled at the Union Building in Pretoria, South Africa, on Monday by President Zuma.

Here are some facts about the memorial:

  • The statue weighs 3.5 tonnes

  • It took 4 months to build

  • It is made out of bronze

  • At nine metres high, it is the tallest memorial to the anti-apartheid hero

  • It was announced months ago that a Mandela statue would be unveiled - following his death work on the tribute was fast-tracked so it could be completed for Monday

  • It will be the biggest statue of Mandela in the world

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  • The National Heritage Project (NHP) commissioned the tribute

  • The monument is part of a Government-based project called the "Long walk to freedom project" in which several other statues of influential figures are to be built - and have been built already

  • The parts were made in several different foundries mostly in Cape Town and Natal

  • The arms, head and body were transported to the site on Wednesday and it was lifted into place on Friday, remaining covered until the unveiling

  • ITV News understands from an official source that the statue's outstretched arms represent the Rainbow Nation pose, all-encompassing and welcoming everyone

  • No symbols or emblems were used on the tribute in order for the memorial to represent all South Africans, an official source told ITV News

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