Scandal-hit Toronto mayor boogies to Bob Marley

Rob Ford dancing to one of Bob Marley's biggest hits in Toronto. Credit: APTN

Toronto mayor Rob Ford enjoyed a respite from recent controversies as he danced to Bob Marley's One Love in the floor of Toronto City Council's chambers.

Ford was joined in harmony with the city council as the jazz group Jay Douglas and the All-Stars performed Bob Marley's hit song.

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Ford has been under intense pressure after he admitted to smoking crack cocaine while in office.

The mayor was subsequently stripped of some of his powers after the video of him smoking the illegal drug surfaced.

The 44-year-old was forced to apologise after an expletive-ridden video in which he threatens to kill someone was leaked.

Mr Ford said he had been "very inebriated" while the video was shot and that the incident was "extremely embarrassing".

In another incident, the mayor accidentally pushed over a woman councillor during a heated council meeting.

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Rob Ford returns to his office in gym attire during a break in an executive committee meeting. Credit: Reuters

Despite the revelations, Ford has been able to maintain a strong voter support.

Ford recently said he had given up drinking and started exercising after experiencing a "come-to-Jesus" moment.

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