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In pictures: Pagan worshippers mark the winter solstice at Stonehenge

Archdruid of Stonehenge Rollo Maughfling (left) blesses four month-old baby Jim held by father Dan Photo: Neil Munns/PA Wire

Worshippers in flowing robes gathered at Stonehenge early this morning to take part in festivities marking the winter solstice.

Hundreds of people attended the annual ceremony, which was led by the Archdruid of Stonehenge Rollo Maughfling.

Worshippers celebrate the sunrise at last year's winter solstice Credit: PA

The Pagan event is held to mark the shortest day of the year at the ancient monument in Wiltshire.

Archdruid of Stonehenge Rollo Maughfling (left) leads the winter solstice service at Stonehenge Credit: Neil Munns/PA Wire

Worshippers from around the country donned traditional clothes as the sun rose just after 7:30am this morning.

Ian Temple, arch druid of the dorset grove, dressed as the green man Credit: Neil Munns/PA Wire

Stonehenge general manager Kate Davies said her staff "received lots of positive feedback from visitors who celebrated the solstice joyfully and peacefully".

Druids attend the winter solstice service at Stonehenge Credit: Neil Munns/PA Wire

But King Arthur Pendragon, who leads The Loyal Arthurian Warband group, said he believed the event was "incredibly over-managed this year".

Archdruid of Stonehenge Rollo Maughfling Credit: Neil Munns/PA Wire

"Everyone was herded like sheep. People were asked to leave before midday, when in previous years they have stayed at the solstice until well after 5pm," Mr Pendragon added.

Devotees attend the Winter Solstice service Credit: Neil Munns/PA Wire

He led a group of demonstrators who boycotted the main event in protest at English Heritage's decision to display ancient human remains at a new tourist centre planned for the site.