Beached sperm whale transported in truck to landfill site

The whale is carried away in a truck to be examined at a landfill site. Credit: Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme

A huge sperm whale washed up on a beach in Edinburgh has been transported to a landfill site to be examined further.

The 13.8m creature was discovered dead on Portobello beach on Saturday. Marine experts told the BBC it may have been fatally wounded by a boat further out to sea.

The Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme explained why the carcass was taken to a landfill site rather than pushed back out to sea:

The mammal had suffered deep cuts around its mouth and dorsal fin.

Marine workers examine the washed up sperm whale on Saturday. Credit: PA
Edinburh residents were keen to see the unusual sight of a beached sperm whale. Credit: PA
Others were less fussed by the animal's unfortunate end. Credit: PA
A rowing boat passes the dead whale shortly before it washed up on Portobello beach. Credit: PA