The rising tide of insurance costs after the UK floods

A skip is placed outside a home in Tonbridge, Kent, following the floods. Credit: ITV News

I'm filming in Tonbridge, Kent, where 140 homes flooded. Right now, parts of it look like a house clearance sale, with skips full of once treasured belongings.

It was a very clear sign that although the floods came fast - their impact fades slowly.

I'm here to look at the flood damage on the day the British Insurance Brokers' Association told ITV News how premiums are likely to rise in flood areas, until a new deal comes into force next year that should cap costs for many homeowners in the worst hit zones.

We were told prices could go up 25% for some - and there are likely to be more charges for insurers' flood surveys ... which can cost customers almost £500 a time.

I was joined by a flood damage consultant, Jeff Charlton, who showed me the sheer depth of the damage and contamination in some flood-affected homes.

We looked at one Kent house where the rising waters had also contained sewage. Embedded in the fabric of the home Jeff measured high levels of biological contamination.

The home showed high levels of biological contamination. Credit: ITV News

A reading of around 100 would be normal on his biological monitor - but he found 85,000 in this home.

He also measured that moisture was still at very high levels, trapped in walls and floorboards.

It will take a lot of time and money to sort all this out, and today's news from the insurance industry is the latest sign of how some consumers will be impacted.