Roger Lloyd Pack dies: Trigger's most famous quotes

The infamous bar scene from Only Fools and Horses Credit: BBC

Actor Roger Lloyd Pack, who was best known for his role as Trigger in Only Fools and Horses, has died.

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Here are some of his best quotes:

Trigger explaining why he calls Rodney 'Dave':

Rodney: Trig, why do you call me Dave? My name’s not Dave. My name's Rodney.

Trigger: I thought it was Dave.

Rodney: No it's not.

Trigger: Are you sure?

Rodney: Yeah I'm positive, I’ve looked it up on me birth certificate and passport and everything. It is definitely Rodney.

Trigger: Oh well, you live and learn... So what’s Dave, a nickname ‘like?

Rodney: No! You’re the only one who calls me Dave, everybody else calls me Rodney - and the reason they call me Rodney, is because Rodney is my name.

Trigger: Well, I shall have to get used to calling you Rodney.

Rodney: Thank you.

Trigger: Hey Basil, you gonna get this meeting started? Me and Dave ain't got all night.

Rodney: Rodney!

Trigger: Yeah, yeah.

Talking about naming Del's baby:

Trigger listening to classical music:

Trigger: What you up to Dave?

Rodney: I'm listening to Mozart's Concerto No.5 in D-Minor.

Trigger: No words to this song Dave?

Rodney: No Trigger, it's an instrumental.

Del Boy: Alright Trigger? What you doing?

Trigger: I'm listening to Mozart's Concerto No.5 in D-Minor.

Del Boy: Okay.

Trigger: It's the karaoke version.

Awkward party occasion:

Rodney: We didn't know the fancy dress had been cancelled.

Trigger: Me neither.

Rodney: You mean that's your costume?

Trigger: Yeah, I came as a chauffeur. I feel a bit stupid now.

Rodney: Yeah, you do stand out.

Trigger on his brush:

Del Boy: How long you had that brush now Trigger?

Trigger: Twelve years Del, but it's had seven new handles and ten new heads.

And the answer to the big question:

Rodney: Oi Del, why'd they call him Trigger? Does he carry a gun or something?

Del Boy: Nah, it's 'cos he looks like a horse.

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