William and Kate set up firms 'to protect their brand'

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have set up firms to protect their 'intellectual property rights'. Credit: PA Wire

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have set up firms in each of their names to protect their "intellectual property rights," Kensington Palace has revealed.

Prince William has founded APL Anglesey - after his middle names Arthur Philip Louis and the Welsh island where the royal couple first lived.

Kate set up CE Strathearn - reportedly from her names Catherine and Elizabeth and the Countess of Strathearn Scottish title awarded to her by the Queen.

According to the Daily Mail, it will enable them to sell officially-endorsed products and take legal action against anyone selling items that could harm their image.

But Kensington Palace has insisted the companies "are not intended to be used as trading arms".

Prince Harry has also founded a company called Tsessebe, which is named after an African antelope.