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Feeling blue this Monday? You are not alone, data shows

At least 30% of people will comfort eat to get them through today, research found. Photo: PA

The third Monday of January is meant to be the most depressing day of the year, with many of us struggling to remain upbeat in the wind down from Christmas and New Year, bad weather and broken resolutions.

Today is also the day new credit card bills arrive.

Most of us are short of money at this time of year, data showed. Credit: PA

And according to fresh research from British Airways, more than 40% of adults will turn to their families to cheer them up.

The airline found:

  • Another third will get by with a little help from their friends this year.
  • And 30% rely on comfort eating and alcohol to cheer up.
  • One quarter of us book a holiday, but even that can make us miserable.
  • More than 40% say its hard work researching, booking and going on holiday with more than a quarter saying it's less stressful just to stay at home than go on holiday.
People are being urged to wear bright colours to beat the blues this Monday. Credit: PA

However, it might not be all misery this Monday. Research form YouGov suggests that even most people feel down this time of year, most are happy with their lot.

The survey, carried out on behalf of the Church of England, found nine out of 10 people count their blessings and have more of sunny disposition than a blue one.

Out of 2,084 adults, more than half said being thankful for family and partners was their top blessing, followed by health.