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'Tell me why you killed my son?' Mother of British surgeon confronts Syrian delegates in Geneva

The mother of a British surgeon who died in custody in Syria has angrily confronted Syrian officials as they left a hotel for peace talks in Switzerland.

Dr Abbas Khan was arrested over a year ago by the Assad regime after entering Syria as a humanitarian worker and was found dead in prison in December 2013.

Dr Khan's mother, Fatima, approached the delegates, including Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari, demanding: "Please tell my why you killed my son?"

"For God's sake please tell me why you killed my son," she shouted.

"He wasn't a fighter, he was a humanitarian aid worker!"

The Syrians did not respond while the cameras were rolling.

Dr Abbas Khan, 32, died days before the Syrian authorities said he was due to be released.

While British authorities insist that Syrian authorities were responsible for Dr Khan's death, the Syrian government maintains that the orthopaedic surgeon took his own life.

A British inquest into the death is due to resume on February 27th.