Mechanic builds life-sized version of classic children's toy car the Cozy Coupe

John Bitmead (left) created the car with his brother, Geoff (right). Credit: Caters

A mechanic has created an adult version of the classic children's toy car the Cozy Coupe - which can do 0 to 60mph in just 17 seconds.

John Bitmead spent five months creating a life-size version of the toy, which cost a staggering £35,000 and runs off unleaded petrol.

The car is an exact replica of the Cozy Coupe from the yellow roof, to glassless windows and over-sized drink holders.

John, who created the car with help from his brother, Geoff, and friend Nigel Douglas, said:

I love setting myself a challenge, and once I'd got the idea in my head, I was determined to see it through. We were chatting one day about how more people have probably driven a Cozy Coupe than any other kind of car - and it snowballed from there. Since making it, we've taken it out on a few trips, and people can't believe their eyes when we come driving down the street in this red and yellow toy car. We took it on the motorway once, but I'm too scared to do it again in case we cause and accident - people were taking photos of us driving past at the wheel and swerving all over the place when they saw us drive past.

John, 48, from Oxfordshire, took apart a Daewoo Matiz to create the car and worked over 1000 hours on the project.

I thought a Matiz was the most similar in shape to the Cozy Coupe, we just needed to chop the middle out to make the dimensions correct. It was really important to me to get the details exactly right - the ignition is even a big button, and we created all kinds of moulds to get the steel roof and unique seat shape exactly right. I wear a helmet when driving it, not because I need it, but because it gets fairly windy with no windscreen.

In numbers: The life-sized Cozy Coupe

John Bitmead (left) created the car with his brother, Geoff (right). Credit: Caters
  • The car has an 800cc engine

  • 52 horse power

  • A top speed of 70mph

  • One airbag

  • Takes 17 seconds to reach 60mph

  • Cost £35,000 despite the toy retailing for £50

  • And has two giant drink holders