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Family's surprise at cougar's breakfast break-in

The cougar that came for breakfast. Photo: RTV

Not quite The Tiger Who Came To Tea, but the cougar that came to breakfast.

A Chilean family woke up to a surprising house guest when they found a young cougar making itself at home in their kitchen.

Amalin Haddad said she discovered the puma in her kitchen when she went down to make herself breakfast.

Police believe the animal had been kept as a pet and had either escaped or been released.

The cougar never attacked Haddad, her family or the family dog, perhaps because it was possibly domesticated.

The cougar that came for breakfast. Credit: RTV

The cougar, or puma as it is also known as in much of North America, was eventually sedated and removed from the family home.

It was taken to the National Zoo where it was treated for minor injuries.

It is not yet known what will happen with the animal once it has recovered from its unlikely adventure.