'Minions' mourn passing of Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow shows off his Guinness certificate after becoming a world record holder. Credit: Guinness World Records/PA Wire

One of the most famous cats on the internet has died. Colonel Meow, who was known for his fearsome appearance, died on 29th January, aged just two years. A message on his Twitter feed contained a link to a video called Colonel Meow you will be missed.

Colonel Meow had his own website, a YouTube channel with more than 1.3 million views and a Facebook page with more than 345,000 likes and a world record for being the cat with the longest fur.

He was known as the world's angriest cat with ambitions of world domination and for his love of a good whiskey.

When he was awarded his Guinness World Record he wrote on Facebook:

Other internet cats paid tribute to Colonel Meow:

Some of the colonel's followers, known as Minions, also posted tributes: