See a world record skydive through the daredevil's eyes

New skydiver's-eye footage has been published of Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking jump to Earth in October 2012.

Seven small cameras were attached to Baumgartner as he leapt from a platform 128,100 feet above the Earth's surface, manufacturer GoPro said.

The pictures document the initial leap, the peaceful early stages of the fall during which a dreamlike blue glow shone from the curvature of Earth, a worrying period during which Baumgartner struggled to control a spin, his moment of relief at stabilisation, the opening of his parachute and finally his touchdown back on home soil.

The curvature of the Earth was clearly visible. Credit: GoPro
The moment Baumgartner broke the sound barrier with just his body. Credit: GoPro
Baumgartner became worried when he was unable to control the spin and thought he might pass out. Credit: GoPro
He then stabilised, much to the relief of his team. Credit: GoPro
Roads and lakes became visible four minutes into his freefall. Credit: GoPro
Baumgartner pulled his parachute chord at 9,183 feet. Credit: GoPro
His team were very pleased with the opening of the parachute. Credit: GoPro
The camera recorded his last few seconds of flight. Credit: GoPro
Finally: Touchdown. Credit: GoPro