'Dumb Starbucks' parody shop opens in Los Angeles

The founders insist they have to make fun of Starbucks in order to run as a "fully functioning coffee shop". Credit: Twitter/@dumbstarbucks

A "Dumb Starbucks" coffee shop, which mocks every element of the coffee giant's enterprise, has opened in Los Angeles and is completely legal, according to its creators.

Visitors to the Californian shop can order a Dumb Espresso or Dumb Frappuccino in a Dumb Starbucks coffee cup and even buy a "Dumb Norah Jones Duets" CD from a shelf by the counter.

Even the sign above the door replicates the famous green and black logo of the globally recognised coffee brand, but with a "dumb" prefix, despite being totally unaffiliated with the company.

The shop's founders say their lawyers can defend their baristas, though, claiming the whole enterprise is protected by a "parody law" which actually demands they insult the coffee giant.

A sheet of Frequently Asked Questions at the shop informs visitors:

How long the "dumb" sign and logo stay up in lights remains to be seen. Credit: Twitter/@dumbstarbucks

Remarkably, the creators even deny denigrating the name of Starbucks with their "Dumb" parody, telling visitors:

The shop has apparently proved a huge hit over the weekend after launching on Friday, an unveiling heralded by its Twitter account, which declared:

Whatever the legal status of the shop, it is hard for the founders to be accused of profiting on the drinks giant - at least not monetarily - as all its coffees are free.