Somerset house protected by clay wall has 'two days' before flooding strikes

Sam Notaro said he has two days before the flooding hits his home. Credit: ITV News

A Somerset man who decided to build a giant clay wall in order to protect his house from the rising waters has told ITV News he thinks he has two days before his property floods.

Aerial pictures of Sam Notaro's isolated home in the village of Moorland on the Somerset Levels were broadcast across the country last week.

His house remains dry despite water reaching his property but water is set to rise by a around a metre in the next few days.

Flood waters have reached his home but Mr Notaro's house remains dry. Credit: ITV News

Mr Notaro admitted that his home would probably flood soon but added that he was "determined" to keep on protecting his house.

Mr Notaro, who owns a building firm, told ITV News' Ben Chapman that he wanted to keep the water away so that his partner and baby - who are currently not at the house - have a home to come back to.

He added that the situation other villagers found themselves in was "terrible" with much of Moorland hit by the floods.

He also admitted that his efforts in protecting his house had "spiralled out of control" and that his partner thought he was "mad".

Mr Notaro's wife thinks he is mad for going to these lengths to save his property. Credit: ITV News

Mr Notaro told ITV News: "In hindsight would we have done it? I'm not sure."

Sandbags are placed outside his home to stop the flood waters. Credit: ITV News