Today's storm will be one of the most vicious so far

A wave breaks over a headland in Sennen Cove near Land's End Photo: SWNS

The stormy conditions have been relentless this winter - and today's storm will be one of the most vicious so far.

Another intense, deep area of low pressure will churn in from the Atlantic. Ireland, Wales and western England will bear the brunt with potentially dangerous weather expected.

The flood situation remains serious and severe for some of us with more pouring rain expected, but it's the strength of the winds that could make the headlines.

Waves crash into the coast at Dawlish in Devon Credit: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

The charts suggest exposed coasts of south-west Ireland, Irish Sea coasts of Wales and north-west England could see winds exceed severe gale force - with gusts of 90mph or possibly 100mph.

Winds inland will be strong enough to cause damage to infrastructure, down trees and disrupt transport.

This latest storm of this remarkable winter has similar characteristics to the Christmas Eve storm of 1997, which struck the very same areas.

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