Aerial images show UK's altered landscape after floods

. Credit: ITV News

Aerial images showing the widespread impact of the devastating floods have been captured by ITV News.

Europe Editor James Mates travelled in a helicopter from Denham aerodrome, down the Thames Valley, over Walton and Maidenhead before flying out to the River Severn touching Worcester, Tewksbury and Gloucester.

The pictures capture a landscape dramatically altered by the floods with vast swathes of land covered by water.

Around 80,000 people have been left without power across Britain after a huge storm swept across the country.

Around 80,000 people have been left without power after the floods. Credit: ITV News

There are 17 severe flood warnings - meaning there is a danger to life - across the UK, with 14 in the South-East, two in the South-West and one in the Midlands.