The dangerous and difficult job of restoring power to storm-hit homes

. Credit: ITV News

Video report from ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers

Engineers are braving strong gusts as they carry out the dangerous and difficult work of reconnecting those without power.

A Western Power crew, who have not slept since yesterday, have spent hours fixing cables brought down by fallen trees in a bid to restore electricity to parts of Pembrokeshire.

One worker has an extra incentive to reconnect the supply, with his house among the thousands in Britain without power.

Western Power's Mark Phillips has an extra incentive to restore power. Credit: ITV News

The gusts have been so powerful on the Welsh coast that one pole the crew were working on had the junction box ripped away and was only just left standing.

The junction box was ripped off one pole after the powerful storm. Credit: ITV News

However, power has not been restored to all on the Welsh coast with the Victoria Inn struggling to even open without electricity.

The Victoria Inn is still using candlelight with the electricity still out. Credit: ITV News

Earlier, Energy Networks said over 43,000 customers remained without power as floods continue to devastate large parts of the UK.