Another day, another storm

Today another deep area of low pressure rolls in from the Atlantic - something we've seen so many times this ridiculously stormy winter.

I've lost count how many of these severe systems we've had in the last couple of months.

The sheer volume of rain has meant the flood situation remains severe and serious for many.

After the wettest January ever - February is on track for a similar fate.

People struggle to make their way along the Esplanade, Porthcawl, south Wales. Credit: PA Wire

Already battered and bruised a particularly vicious storm on Wednesday brought appalling conditions - this time the wind speeds made the headlines.

Gusts off our shores peaked at 110mph - inland widespread severe gales and hurricane force gusts brought damage and disruption.

Some places had their strongest winds for 30 years.

Flood-hit communities face more misery in the coming days as further heavy rain, wind and snow is set to sweep across the UK. Credit: PA Wire

With many places already knackered, today another deluge of rain becoming widespread, steadiest and heaviest across the south-west.

There'll be sleet possible on hill tops. And again the winds will strengthen with the south taking a pounding this time. Southern England can expect damaging gusts 80mph. For central England and the Midlands gales and 60mph.

After today it looks like we're let off the hook for week or so. There'll still be some rain around (normal amounts) but not as much as recently - and flood waters should recede.

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