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British suicide bomber filmed moments before attack in Syria

A British suicide bomber who carried out an attack on a prison in Aleppo, Syria, was filmed moments before blowing himself up.

Abdul Waheed Majeed is seen calmly standing next to a truck filled with explosives in a 46 minute video posted on YouTube.

When the cameraman approaches Majeed and speaks to him in Arabic, the soon-to-be bomber replies: "Sorry, I can't speak [Arabic]."

He then instructs a translator to tell the cameraman: "Everyone asks me [why I can't speak Arabic]...I'm a British speaker, my tongue has got, like, a knot in it, tell him I can't speak..."

Abdul Waheed Majeed is pictured posing moments before the attack.

Majeed seemingly then says being a Jihadist "comes from the heart".

The 41-year-old Briton, who lived in Crawley, West Sussex, is not seen entering the truck but the video cuts to the vehicle charging towards a prison entrance in Aleppo.

The truck (left) is seen hurtling towards the Aleppo prison.

A constant rattle of gunfire can be heard before the truck is seen with smoke bellowing out of it.

Moments later a loud explosion is heard and a black plume of smoke is seen in the sky.

After the suicide bombing on February 6, fighters begin to open fire on the prison, which is protected by troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

After the attack fighters move in on the prison.

British counter-terrorism officers searched a property in Crawley on Wednesday after the UK Jihadi, who used the name Abu Suleiman al-Britani, carried out the deadly bombing.

The family of Majeed, who was the father of two boys and a girl aged 18, 16 and 12, said they thought he was in Syria carrying out humanitarian work.

The first pictures of Majeed emerged on Wednesday.

His uncle, Mohammad Jamil, 65, said Majeed had not shown any signs of extremism and added: "If the family knew about this, we wouldn't have let him go."

It is thought Majeed is the first Briton to stage a suicide bombing in Syria since the conflict broke out in 2011.

However, there are an increasing amount of UK-born extremists who have gone to the war-torn country to fight.