Egham residents describe devastating impact of the floods

f 70 homes on this Avenue in Surrey , 30 have been abandoned at some stage during these floods. Credit: ITV News

Report from ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi

The residents of one street in Egham, Surrey have described the devastating impact the floods have had on their homes and community.

Of 70 homes on this Avenue in Surrey, 30 have been abandoned at some stage during the floods with residents aged from their 90s to newborns all being affected by the crisis.

One emotional resident said he has not been able to sleep because of the worry of the rising water levels and what he may wake up to.

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Chris Barrett, who is disabled. said she feels isolated after being stuck inside for seven days.

"It was just hopeless really. You couldn't sit and watch television because you could not concentrate. You couldn't cook a meal because you were worried about this and it just takes your life over really," she said.

Chris Barnett has been in stuck inside for seven days now. Credit: ITV News

Security has also been an issue for residents who have contemplated hiring a private firm to patrol for looters.

One resident described an incident where two boys were stealing sandbags and then selling them on the top of the road.

Residents have been heavily affected by the floods. Credit: ITV News

Andrea Batty said she was fearful that the water that surrounds her home was filled with all sorts of "disgusting diseases", and was urging her daughters, Jess and Charlie, to wash their hands if they make contact with the floodwater.

Andrea Batty said she was fearful that the water that surrounds her home was filthy. Credit: ITV News

Properties have been left devastated by the floodwaters with many residents, including

Maura and Michael Adams, not expecting to move back in for months.

Insurance industry estimates suggest that it is likely to take almost a million pounds to repair the damage and devastation in the street, although money may not be able to solve the emotional trauma may take even more time to ease.

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