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Pope Francis battles blustery winds in Vatican prayer service

Pope Francis battled the elements today to deliver his sermon to crowds outside the Vatican, as the wind whipped his mantle around his face, and blew his skull cap from his head.

Pope Francis continued his sermon as the wind raged around him Credit: Reuters

The Pontiff was delivering his weekly address to well-wishers and crowds in St Peter's square.

The Pontiff's mantle was blown astray by the blustery winds. Credit: Reuters

He did not appear to be bothered by the interruption, and reacted calmly as his aides ran after his cap, and helped him untangle his robes from around his face.

The Pontiff's cap was whipped from his head. Credit: Reuters
Aides helped the Pontiff with his robes. Credit: Reuters
The sermon went on as planned, despite the runaway skull cap. Credit: Reuters
The Pope greeted cardinals in the windy weather. Credit: Reuters
The sermon continued, despite the Pope losing his hat. Credit: Reuters