New footage of tense stand-off between Russian and Ukrainian troops in Crimea

Russian soldiers fired warning shots at approaching Ukrainian troops.

New footage obtained by ITV News shows Russian soldiers firing warning shots into the air as Ukrainian soldiers approached during a tense stand-off at a seized Belbeck air base in the Crimea region.

Troops carrying the Ukrainian flag chant as they march towards the Russians before shots are fired in an apparent attempt to halt the oncoming group in the footage that was filmed by a Ukrainian soldier.

In video broadcast earlier, officers on both sides urge calm among their own side, amid fears the situation could escalate.

Following the confrontation, Russian soldiers pointed their weapons at onlooking photographers.

A Ukrainian army major told ITV News today's tense stand-off in Crimea was designed to show Russia that Ukraine should be respected amid the ongoing tension in the region.

Despite eventually being ordered to return to their base after a five hour stand-off, Major Vladyslav Kardash told Europe Editor James Mates that "at least they know to respect us":

Russian president Vladimir Putin said he would only use force in Ukraine as a "last resort", to protect compatriots who were living in "terror" in the country.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State John Kerry has accused Russia of intimidation and aggression towards Ukraine, and said the US was prepared to take further steps against Russia unless the tension was reduced.

ITV News' Europe Editor James Mates reports: