Just days ago, Kiev's Independence Square was a scene of bloodshed and barricades, as Ukraine's revolutionaries sought to topple a president.

Now, with those ambitions achieved - for the time being, at least - the camp has a sombre but hopeful feel. A memorial for those fallen but also a symbol for what the country may yet become.

Flowers cover the square alongside an array of political posters and cartoons, picturing the truth as Ukrainians in the capital see it.

Political cartoons on display depicting fallen president Viktor Yanukovich Credit: ITV News

Vladimir Putin is caricatured all over, one moment Hitler and another a puppet master, pulling the strings of a fallen, bloodied Viktor Yanukovich.

Vladimir Putin depicted as Hitler in the square Credit: ITV News

Today, Independence Square fulfils several roles. It's in part a theme park, where the theme is freedom. In part it's a reality show, where the revolution goes on. And in part it's a memorial to people who died fighting that revolution.

One woman at the camp tells ITV News' John Irvine that the cartoons "reflect our hope":

But while a hated tyrant may have fallen, those that remain in Independence Square stay vigilant, preserved by the fear that this 'unfinished revolution' may still fail to achieve its aims.

The world's eyes have now turned to the east of this country, but the Maidan stands as a reminder of how this crisis began - an uprising of the people.