Thousands outside Donetsk government building in Ukraine as more arrive amid tense atmosphere

Police in Donetsk. Credit: ITV News

I am stood outside the central government building here in the city of Donetsk and there is a very large group of pro-Russian supporters who have gathered outside. The entire building is ringed by riot police, who are determined to keep them outside this time, having lost the battle with them earlier in the week.

There is a crowd of around 2,000 people, along with a large and continual stream of young men arriving, all on their way in, joining a mix of old and young people.

There are lots of old ladies who are absolutely fierce and furious, including some that turned on a young man, a peace campaigner. They hit him with their handbags, and drummed him off the square.

The Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Credit: Google Maps

Russian war songs are being played all around the square. There are Russian flags all around, with hundreds of police guarding the building, amid a tense atmosphere.

Police entered the building earlier. Credit: ITV News

For a couple of days the Russian flag flew above this building and inside pro-Russian supporters were talking about what they wanted to do, how they wanted to see Russian troops in this area, and they wanted a further affiliation with Russia.

Police are shielding the building. Credit: ITV News

Now this morning, in the early hours, they were shifted out and the Ukrainian flag was raised again. But they are still talking about going back in and seizing their seat of government power, as they see it, and the police are obviously here waiting to see what happens.