Prince Harry was 'terrified' by South Pole charity trek

Harry's South Pole Heroes will be broadcast on ITV on Sunday March 16 at 8pm. Credit: ITV

Prince Harry was "terrified" ahead of his gruelling charity trek to the South Pole and concerned about letting the side down .

Harry, who was filmed for an ITV documentary - Harry's South Pole Heroes - about the Antarctic adventure, was determined to keep going during the Walking With The Wounded expedition.

The team, including 12 servicemen and women from the UK and other nations, trekked more than 200 miles across the bleak continent to the geographic South Pole in December last year and experienced freezing temperatures of as low as -45C.

The first episode of the ITV documentary will be broadcast this Sunday.

Ahead of the trek, Harry revealed his concerns, according to this week's edition of the Radio Times:

The prince also spoke of how he was inspired by his fellow team mates.

"Regardless of what your injury is, or whether you're military or civilian, (and) even if you lose both your legs, you can still carry on. You've just got to push on, you shouldn't give up - and these guys don't. That's what's driving me," he said.

Major Kate Philp, who became the first female British soldier to lose a leg in combat, told the Radio Times how Harry would try to encourage her to keeping going:

Harry's South Pole Heroes will be broadcast on ITV on Sunday at 8pm