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'My only demand is to have my son back': Frustration mounts as search for missing Malaysia plane continues

A mother has described her frustration as she continues to wait for answers on the fate of her son the missing Malaysia Airlines plane with authorities seemingly no closer to making a breakthrough.

Mystery has surrounded flight MH370's whereabouts and relatives of the 239 on board have been left frustrated and confused by occasionally conflicting statements from officials.

Mrs Xie, whose only son was on the plane, said her only demand was to "have my son come back peacefully".

Mrs Xie (left) has described her frustration as she waits for answers on the fate of her only son.

"My only demand is to have my son come back peacefully. Otherwise it is meaningless. I have no other demand. We only live because of our children. What is the point of having money without our children," she said.

Xie said relatives of the missing were growing suspicious in the absence of any answers, claiming it was "impossible to take such a long time when they have such advanced modern technology".

Authorities have expanded the search to over 27,000 nautical miles but no sighting of debris has been reported so far.

Authorities have failed to establish what happened so far. Credit: Reuters

The families of the missing passengers have also expressed their anger at Malaysia Airlines' reported offer of "financial assistance".

"What's the point of having money? We want results. What do we need money for? It only means something if we have our people back," Mrs Xie's relative added.

This relative claimed authorities were 'hiding the truth'.

Another relative, who refused to give his name, said: "I just want to have our people come back. I didn't take any money. What's the point of having money.

"They are hiding the truth. Hiding the truth," he claimed.

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