Let's celebrate the possibility of a Great White shark visiting UK

Great White Shark in South Africa Credit: Roger de la Harpe/DPA/Press Association Images

Dr David Gibson is the Managing Director of the National Marine Aquarium, he holds two decades of experience working within the aquarium and zoo sector in the UK.

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After being tagged by staff of the Osearch Project off the coast of Florida in March 2013, Lydia the Great White shark, named after one of the founders of the project sponsors - Caterpillar, has travelled over 19,000km.

Her latest tracks show her heading North, roughly following the line of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, approximately 1000km west of Ireland.

Great White Sharks have been visiting the UK for a millennia its predominantly a cold water fish, but no one should be worried by Lydia potentially approaching. The UK currently houses over 30 species of shark around its coasts to date.

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Lydia is the first Great White Shark to have been documented to cross the Atlantic basin although many experts suspect that these long distance migrations have been happening for millions of years.

There has never been a confirmed sighting of a Great White Shark in UK waters, but conditions around the UK are suitable for this marine predator with the right combination of food (seals) and temperature, as it is a cold water shark.

Great White sharks are known to live in the Mediterranean Sea and the upper reaches of the Adriatic Sea, near Turkey, which is suspected to be a globally significant pupping ground for the species.

Yet nothing is stopping the shark coming to the UK and Ireland as our waters are cooler, but there is no reason to fear the presence of a Great White Shark in UK waters, attacks by sharks on humans globally are exceptionally rare.

Instead we should celebrate the fact that one of these magnificent creatures has decided to pay our shores a visit, if indeed Lydia does decide to visit us.

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