Tesco forced to correct packaging after schoolboy spots grammatical error

Albert Gifford spotted a grammatical error on a Tesco juice carton. Credit: SWNS

Tesco has been forced to change the packaging on its cartons of orange juice after a schoolboy spotted a grammatical error.

Albert Gifford, 15, noticed that his carton of juice said it was made with the 'most tastiest' oranges and subsequently wrote to the supermarket chain to suggest that they change the wording to 'tastiest' or 'most tasty'.

The Somerset resident eventually received a reply from Tesco promising to correct the error, but only after a letter he wrote to the Daily Mail about the issue was printed last week.

"Sitting down for breakfast as usual, I picked up a carton of Tesco orange juice - and noticed it described itself as 'most tastiest'. 'Most tastiest'? Surely not? It could be 'most tasty' or simply 'tastiest', but never 'most tastiest'," the schoolboy said.

The 15-year-old said he was so astonished that he almost started pouring the orange juice on to his Weetabix. Credit: SWNS

"That's just wrong, and I was so astonished, especially as Tesco is such a large company, that I almost started pouring the orange juice on to my Weetabix.

"I don't think supermarket packaging should be wholly responsible for teaching young people English grammar - but I can't help thinking that 'every little helps'."

A Tesco spokesman said they had overlooked the mistake and would correct the error when the packaging is reprinted.

A representative added: