£108m Lottery winner: I've always thought I'd win big

Car mechanic and racing driver Neil Trotter, with partner Nicky Ottaway, celebrating the win today. Credit: National Lottery@TNLUK

Car mechanic and hot rod racer Neil Trotter went public with his win today, accepting the huge cheque at a press conference in his home county Surrey, alongside his partner Nicky Ottaway.

The 41-year-old, from Coulsdon, discovered he was the single ticket-holder to the fourth biggest jackpot in UK lottery history on Friday evening at around 10.30pm.

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports:

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He said he wad been so confident he would win a prize that on the day of the EuroMillions draw told staff at his father's office that "this time tomorrow" he would be a multi-millionaire.

"I've always thought I'd win big and I'd had a good feeling all week," he said. "On Friday evening we were sitting at home when I checked the time and thought the draw must have taken place by now.

"I took out my ticket to check the winning numbers and amazingly one by one they matched. I told Nicky, my partner, 'I've done it, I've won the lottery'. But she told me to shut up and to stop being an idiot.

"Apparently I turned white as a sheet and couldn't sit still, I kept walking round the house - I didn't know what to do with myself. I got her to check the numbers with me and she started screaming!

[**Watch: £108m lottery winner goes public**](public http://www.itv.com/news/update/2014-03-18/watch-live-108m-lottery-winner-goes-public/)

"Next we called my dad but he said I was being an idiot too and that I should stop drinking. But I hadn't had a drop. Even when we jumped in the car and drove round, it took him a while to realise we were serious. My dad's not often lost for words but he was on Friday night."

Car mechanic and racing driver Neil Trotter, with partner Nicky Ottaway, during a press conference in Dorking, Surrey, today. Credit: PA

Neil and Nicky Ottaway, 33, his partner of eight years, had a restless night before calling Camelot first thing on Saturday morning.

Trotter, who runs a repair garage in Mitcham, south London, initially plans to splash the cash on two Range Rovers, at least one house, and a horse.