Baroness Warsi calls for an end to 'Eton Mess'

Baroness Warsi presents her newspaper headline Credit: The Agenda

Speaking to Tom Bradby, Baroness Warsi announced that the headline she would most like to see this week is "Number 10 takes Eton Mess off the menu". She went on to suggest it be replaced with Bread and Butter Pudding.

The Communities and Faith Minister explained that her headline supported comments made by the Education Secretary Michael Gove, who at the weekend described the number of Old Etonians in the government as "ridiculous" and attacked the "preposterous" number within the Prime Minister's inner circle.

She went on to defend the Education Secretary, saying

The comments came after it was revealed by the Spectator that Cameron had told Gove that he was "bang out of order" for speaking out on such a sensitive topic for the Tories.

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