Man texts entire works of Shakespeare to 'rogue seller'

Graphic designer Edd Joseph got his own back when someone scammed him on a website. Credit: SWNS

A man who said he was scammed out of £80 when he tried to buy a PS3 on a website found a unique way of getting his own back - bombarding the trickster with the entire works of Shakespeare by text message.

Edd Joseph from Bristol said he was "really annoyed" when the vendor failed to send him the promised PS3 through the post.

But rather than find out where the con artist lived, to paraphrase the Bard the question became, "To text or not to text".

The graphic designer said he found it would be easy to copy and paste all 30,000 words of Shakespeare's works into a text message and that it was free to send thanks to his mobile phone package.

As the scammer can only receive 160 characters in any one text message - the 37 works of Shakespeare should buzz through in 29,305 individual texts.

As Hamlet said, "Revenge should have no bounds".