Workmen smash chandelier in Del Boy moment

Del Boy and Rodney in the classic Only Fools and Horses episode. Credit: BBC

Bungling workmen have unwittingly paid homage to hit comedy Only Fools and Horses recently by accidentally re-enacting the scene where Del Boy, Rodney and Granddad smash the crystal chandelier.

Workmen from Burnley in Lancashire were supposed change a light bulb on one of four crystal chandeliers hanging in 16th Century Towneley Hall.

But in a moment reminiscent of a famous Only Fools and Horses episode, the blundering workmen accidently dropped the 50-year-old chandelier while winching it up, causing the prized piece to smash back from to the ground.

Red faced officials are now playing down the comedy moment, claiming only slight damage was done to the chandelier.

Towneley Hall in Burnley, Lancashire. Credit: SWNS

The incident is reminiscent of the BBC sitcom's 'Touch of Glass' episode where Del Boy and Rodney Trotter are hired to clean some priceless chandeliers in a country mansion Ñ but accidentally smash one.

Aired in December 1982, it was the first Only Fools and Horses episode to top 10 million viewers. Towneley Hall's chandelier has now been taken away for repairs and several of the arms are believed to have broken off.

Towneley Hall in Burnley, Lancashire. Credit: SWNS

Simon Goff, head of Green Spaces and Amenities at Burnley Council, said: "During a routine bulb change on the chandelier in the Great Hall at Towneley, slight damage occurred and the chandelier has been removed for repair and cleaning.

"We will also take the opportunity to re-wire the chandelier and it will be returned as soon as possible."

Watch the famous Only Fools and Horses episode here:

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