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Thousands of cars 'failing MOT test due to clutter'

Not having windows may be a good reason not to pass the MOT, but thousands of drivers are failing for a lot less. Photo: Reuters

Thousands of drivers are failing their MOT tests for an array of seemingly trivial reasons, according to a survey by a car buyers website.

Cluttered vehicles were being failed for their mess, whilst some cars were failed for the screenwash not being topped up, according to the survey.

Test centres are also failing vehicles as they have stickers on the windscreen that block the driver's view, while some drivers even turn up for a test sporting no number plates.

Out of 285,000 MOT failures between August 2012 and August 2013, Whatcar? said:

  • A total of 4,649 were failed for non-topping up of the screenwash
  • 2,852 were failed as the cars were dirty or full of clutter
  • 1,055 cars were failed as windscreen stickers obstructed the view
  • 114 presented cars without number plates