FGM prosecutions are a landmark moment

Some of the blunt and used to carry out FGM in Dodoma, Tanzania Photo: Sala Lewis/Irish Aid/PA Archive/Press Association Images

These prosecutions are long overdue according to activists whose tireless campaign to stamp out this form of child abuse is beginning to reap dividends.

Increased awareness in schools, in the media and in hospitals has added to the pressure to bring the first prosecution and prove the battle is being won.

The sea change in attitude has been marked.

Twenty years ago the subject was not even discussed publicly. But society has changed.

Firstly Britain is more multi-cultural, more able to celebrate that fact, and better able to deal with the challenges that presents as well. A new generation of British-born women from the ethnic communities affected by this is growing up and speaking out.

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders. Credit: ITV News

Secondly society is much more alive to crimes against girls and women in general and this is rightly seen as terrible a form of child abuse; a crime against girls and women, which ruins their lives.

That's why this prosecution is a landmark moment. #progress