McFly star Tom Fletcher marks birth of son with time-lapse video

Tom sings 'Something New' as his wife's pregnancy is shown in a time-lapse video. Credit: YouTube/Tom Fletcher

McFly star Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have celebrated their new baby’s arrival with a time-lapse video of the pregnancy and song called ‘Something New’.

The video marks the couple’s nine-month journey from Giovanna’s bump, to the birth of their baby boy, Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher, on March 13.

Tom can be seen singing his new song as a time-lapse of pictures show the changing shape of Giovanna's pregnancy bump.

The singer explained: “We took photos every day through the nine months of our pregnancy, this is the result (plus a little song I wrote called "Something New")”.

The video ends with Giovanna leaving the room and returning with new baby Buzz in her arms.

'From Bump to Buzz' has gone viral within a day of its release - attracting more than 325,000 views - and Tom took to Twitter this morning to thank fans for their responses:

Tom and Giovanna's first child Buzz was born on March 13. Credit: YouTube/Tom Fletcher

The popstar also shared his musical talent at his wedding last year, where he opted to sing his speech to his wife and guests after admitting he “absolutely hates public speaking”.