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Cliffhanging workers clean Grand Canyon walkway

Technicians dangling from ropes to clean the underside of the skywalk Photo: Associated Press

Tourists travel thousands of miles just to sample views of the Grand Canyon, but for these fearless cleaners it is all part of the day job.

The technicians had to clean 40 panes of glass underneath the horseshoe-shaped bridge Credit: Associated Press

Supported only by ropes and a harness, these workers dangle 70 feet from the edge of the canyon to clean the glass underside of a visitors' walkway, known as the Skywalk.

Looking down is not for the faint-hearted - it's a 4,000 feet drop to the Colorado River below.

A group of visitors peers out from the Skywalk, which juts out over the canyon Credit: Associated Press

The Phoenix-based firm also abseiling down into the Grand Canyon to retrieve water bottles, hats and discarded rubbish.

A worker abseils down the side of the canyon Credit: Associated Press