Birds flock to family's garden haven

Robins are among the birds that have visited the family's garden. Credit: ITV News

A family of birdwatchers have created a wildlife haven in their garden after the amount of birds visiting their feeders decreased due to the mild winter.

The Wyn-Jones family has been taking part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch, which ranks the birds most commonly seen in British gardens.

ITV News' Martha Fairlie reports:

Despite falling bird numbers, Sarah Wyn-Jones said she and her two children had spotted blackbirds, tits, robins, wrens and dunnocks this year.

However, 13-year-old Henry said fewer birds were visiting the garden than in previous years.

They've decreased in numbers over the years and that's down to populations dying. So it's a bit sad, but that's the world.

Sightings of the house sparrow, the most common bird seen in British gardens, have decreased by 62 percent since 1979, while starling sightings have declined by 84 percent.

However, there has been an increase of 742 percent in sightings of the woodpigeon in the same period.

Richard Bashford from the RSPB said:

We're very committed to finding out what's happening to those birds that are declining, but also celebrating those things like the great spotted woodpecker and goldfinch that are going up. It's not all bad news.

As well as seeds for the birds to eat, the family also leave things to help birds build their nests, such as dried leaves, shredded paper and fluff from their tumble drier.