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David Walliams voices new Charley Says public information films

David Walliams rose to fame with the BBC sketch show Little Britain. Credit: AP

David Walliams is helping the 1970s public information film character Charley the cat make a shock comeback by voicing a new series of cartoons.

The creature and his owner featured in TV safety campaigns to help highlight household accidents and now the comic actor is making him current once again, in an effort to cut down electrical mishaps.

He is working with Electrical Safety First to reduce accident levels in the home, with around 350,000 people now suffering from electric shocks.

A new set of short films have been created pointing out the dangers of issues such as overloading sockets with too many devices plugged into the circuit.

The first film sees Charley stepping in to save his owner from a shock - although he ends up with a burnt paw for his trouble, but is given a fish as a treat for his quick-thinking.

The late DJ Kenny Everett meowed safety messages as the cat in the original films.

Creators of the films point out that high voltage appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines can cause sockets to overheat, with the potential to cause house fires.

  • Remind yourself of the 1973 originals here: