Manchester United fans charter plane with 'Moyes out' banner

The 'Moyes out' banner will be flown over Old Trafford on Saturday. Credit: ITV News

ITV News has seen the 'Moyes out' banner set to fly over Old Trafford on Saturday.

A group of angry Manchester United fans have chartered a plane to fly the 'wrong one: Moyes out' banner - which is a reference to the 'chosen one' sign hanging from the top tier of the Stretford End.

The protest comes after United's disappointing 3-0 loss to local rivals Manchester City at Old Trafford on Tuesday.

Air Ads' chief pilot Chris Mustow, who will not be flying the plane tomorrow, told ITV News:

Air Ads' chief pilot said the banner would 'not cause a riot.' Credit: ITV News

The plane is scheduled to be flown over the ground for ten minutes before kick-off and then for the first five minutes of the match against Aston Villa.

The plane that will fly the 'Wrong one: Moyes out' banner. Credit: ITV News

Meanwhile, David Moyes said today he was "more driven than ever to succeed" at Manchester United.