Were you fooled? The best April 1 pranks

A cracking prank: Square eggs made their debut on ITV's Daybreak Credit: Daybreak/ITV

Warning: Spoiler alert!

Domino's claimed a world first in "snackaging" innovation with its edible pizza box, which it unveiled on Twitter at midnight on April 1.

Pizza Hut followed suit by sending out an email with their new 'Just Crust' pizzas:

ITV's Daybreak also went with a food-themed prank, telling viewers of a Suffolk farm where chickens had suddenly started laying square eggs.

A cracking prank: Square eggs made their debut on ITV's Daybreak Credit: Daybreak/ITV

Would you try a Vegemite energy drink?

Labour MP Stella Creasy, who previously won an apology from high street money lender Wonga, pranked her Twitter followers by claiming she was taking a job with the firm.

MPS helicopters got in on the act, tweeting an image of an Apache attack helicopter with the caption "We have just taken delivery of our fourth aircraft!"

Virgin boss Richard Branson made a personal appearance in a video for Virgin America, in which he claimed his airline had become the first to perfect personalised climate control at 35,000 feet, with passengers able to adjust their flight temperature to settings such as Cancun Afternoon or Chicago Polar Vortex.

Newspapers continued the tradition of tricking readers by printing fake news stories, with The Sun (£) claiming that fracking has been going on in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, while the Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail stuck to the theme of Scottish independence.

The Queen has approved fracking in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, according to The Sun:

The Sun mocked up a fracking operation in the ground of Buckingham Palace in today's edition Credit: The Sun/Press Association

The Huffington Post also got into the act by saying Piers Morgan was going to be Nick Clegg's media advisor:

Piers Morgan pictured for April Fools Day. Credit: Huffington Post

One Direction's unruly hair is keeping them out of North Korea, according to The Mirror:

Kim Jong-Un has 'demanded the boys opt for the short-back-and-sides hairdo he models' The Mirror reported Credit: The Mirror

The Metro struck fear in the heart of gullible selfie-lovers with the news that the practice is set to be banned.

"Metro has learned that a new branch of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport has drafted proposals for a ban on selfies, which could come into force as early as the end of next year," it reported.

Selfie bans could come into force as early as next year, according to The Metro Credit: The Metro

Alex Salmond will replace the Queen on a new Scottish pound coin, The Telegraph reported, claiming that the designs were being honed at a facility "funded by Sir Sean Connery."

The Telegraph mocked up a Scottish pound coin featuring Alex Salmond Credit: The Telegraph

According to The Independent, the UN is "drawing up plans for a peacekeeping mission to monitor cross-border tensions in the event of a Yes vote for Scottish independence."

It reported on fears of Braveheart-style face-offs between rival militias from either side of the border, "who it is feared could travel to towns such as Gretna Green and Berwick-upon-Tweed for weekend showdowns."

The Independent reports on 'Braveheart' style showdowns in the event of Scottish independence Credit: Independent

The Guardian claimed that if Scotland gained independence in 2017, it would embrace driving on the right to show the country is "part of Europe".

Driving on the right side? Scotland are set to ditch left-hand drive if they get independence Credit: The Guardian

The Daily Mail showed what the Union Jack would look like in the event of Scottish independence:

The new Union Jack after a Scottish 'Yes' vote Credit: The Daily Mail

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